Meaningful Experiential Learning

Keep watch over yourselves and over all the flock, of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God that he obtained with the blood of his own Son.
— Acts 20:28

Last year, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia announced that it is beginning a new Distributed Learning online program. The DL program combined with the Co-op program allows me to work as a part-time intern at Lake Park Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, while I take my required classes online and in two-week, residential intensives in January and June. I am excited to be able to be part of a creative and passionate ministry team, working with a diverse congregation, and seeking dynamic ways to do God’s work!

As part of my internship, I will be developing and implementing a number of creative and innovative educational curricula. From Sunday School programs to Adult Education, I will have the opportunity to experiment with new strategies for teaching in a congregational setting. I am looking forward to using the skills I was able to develop as an educator and incorporating them into my work in ministry. Please check back often, as links to videos, handouts, lesson plans, and other curricular resources will be updated and posted on a regular basis. If you have any questions or feedback on the materials or techniques, please feel free to contact me.

Learning and Growing Together in Faith

Faith is a gift of the Spirit, but how we choose to live into that faith is part of our free-will. When our faith becomes the purpose driving our thoughts, words, and actions, everything else will start to come into focus. When we live an Intentionally-Focused Faith, we offer our lives more fully to the love, mercy, and grace of God.

As I go through my Pastoral Internship, I invite you into my sermon preparation process. No, it won't take hours of dedication and work. In under 90 seconds, I seek to offer a few questions and discoveries that I believe will help you go deeper in understanding the sermon for the upcoming Sunday.