Pointing the Finger of Blame

Over the last week, I have been accused several times being illogical, ridiculous, and even idiotic. You see, I am an Independent voter, who is not a supporter of Hillary Clinton and struggling to find a value-based reason to vote for her this Fall. This struggle has not been well received by many of my friends who belong to the Democratic Party. They ask questions like, "Do you not understand what is at stake?" and "Do you really want Trump as our President?"

Let me make this absolutely clear...yes, I know what is at stake. No, I do not want Trump as our President. 

It is after making this statement that I am berated, told over and over again that "A vote for a Third Party candidate is a vote for Trump." And that, my friends, is what I believe is truly ridiculous.

In the very tragic reality that Trump has the opportunity to become president, the blame is being cast on those who feel strongly about voting for someone in whom they believe, someone with whom they share values. Insults and degradation are being heaped on those who are willing to stand up and voice their beliefs, fight against a broken political system, and challenge the oppressive status quo. I truly cannot believe the anger and abuse directed at those who are working to change a system that continually fails the people of our country.  

If the system allows two corrupt candidates like Trump and Clinton to be our only two "viable" candidates, then a Trump presidency is not on those willing to fight against such a system. 

"But the reality is..." - I hear it over and over. Here is the reality.

As of the week of the Democratic National Convention, there is proof that the Democratic Party intentionally sought to sabotage the Sanders campaign. 

As of the week of the Democratic National Convention, Trump beats Clinton in the projected poll of the Presidential election. Throughout the campaign season, Sanders beats Trump in all projected polls.

The Two-Party system, especially the Democratic Party, has silenced the voices of the Independent voters through an intentionally corrupt Primary Election process.

Many Sanders supports and Independent voters have repeatedly voiced their lack of support for Clinton. Poll after poll shows that voters do not like Clinton, and that she does not have the support Sanders does. Yet, Clinton is still being shoved down the throats of those in the Democratic Party, and Third Party voters are being told to get on board...or else. Vote your fears, not your values.

My vote is my voice and the voice of all who struggled, so that I may have my voice.
— Lydia C. Obasi

If Trump wins this Fall, it will not be because Third Party voters didn't understand the "reality" of the situation. It will not be because the Bernie Sanders supporters stayed true to their beliefs. It will be because the corrupt Two-Party system, in which the Democratic Party holds just as much guilt as the Republican Party, ignored the reality that the choice for change was within their power. Not ignored, actively manipulated the system against the best interest of the people. Instead of embracing change, they fought against it. It will be their pride, and not my passion, that allows Trump to win the Presidency of the United States.

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