Intentionally-Focused Faith: Week Three

Intentionally-Focused Faith

What IFF our faith could withstand the challenges of this world?

Resilience          Adaptability          Dependability

We continue this week journeying through the qualities that characterize an Intentionally-Focused Faith. The Scripture readings, guiding questions, videos, and additional resources are essential for our personal exploration of our individual faith lives. They allow us to prepare our own thoughts and feelings, so that we can then share and discuss with one another in our group time. This week, we explore the strength of a resilient faith, deeply rooted and standing firm in the Lord. We contrast that strength with a faith that is adaptable and willing to be transformed by the Spirit. Finally, we examine our role as members of a faith community, as we seek to be dependable, someone in whom others can have faith.

Watch the video, then click on the individual qualities for a diverse collection of resources to help you further develop an Intentionally-Focused Faith life.

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