Intentionally-Focused Faith: Week One

Intentionally-Focused Faith

What IFF our faith was a joy-filled priority?

Enthusiasm          Dedication          Generosity

As we prepare to discuss how we live an Intentionally-Focused Faith life, let’s take the time to explore, reflect on, and develop our personal thoughts and feelings about this week’s three qualities. On our own, we can look in Scripture for verses, stories, and characters that epitomize these qualities. We can observe where in our lives we live into these qualities and where we may need to make a more conscious effort to develop them. We can answer the guiding questions and consider our response to the video for the week. In order to get the most out of our face-to-face time together, we each need to take responsibility to personally engage the lesson throughout the week, so that we can contribute to the group in thoughtful and meaningful ways when we gather together.

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